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Friction = damage and damage = breakage and breakage = sadface. Silicones are plastics. Their job is the coating the mane to make it look shiny. Appears to be good until you realize that because they're synthetic they can only just be removed by sulfates: natural cleansers just can't get the plastic material off. So the choice is between unpleasant persistent accumulation (eeew) or sulfates (which should be averted because they barbecue nice hair). Plus, while they make hair look sparkly, the layer actually blocks healthy natural oils and wetness from addressing flowing hair shaft.
If you're on younger end of the adult spectrum, you'll probably find out you look elderly, while if you are a bit more mature, longer locks might cause you to look more youthful. Everyone is different, but on top of this is the fact that having long mane allows you to improve your own style up regularly. Letting flowing hair down and tying it back again both present completely different looks and personalities and, lucky for you, once you've put in the work, you've got nothing but time to experiment with which is most effective for you.
To prevent harm to your hairline, opt against little, restricted braids and go for just a little bigger, looser options. Also, consider offering your hair time between re-installations to avoid unnecessary stress. Be careful if your scalp is prone to irritability as braids, especially long, heavy ones, may be too hard on your head and hairline.
Wow. This is a first to hear of somebody who uses a relaxer to clean their hair. Whether it's working for you, well, you will want to. Because you asked, well, I normally clean with black cleaning soap or a dandruff shampoo like Minds & Shoulders or Niz hair shampoo then profound condition. Detangle when rinsing out conditioner and then apply a leave-in and style.
Other causes of severe shedding can be fever, blood loss, low iron, severe diet, and thyroid disorders. High shedding can cause thinning. To minimize thinning, you need to determine what is leading to your shedding. To stop losing immediately, garlic can be utilized on the scalp to tighten the pores. Simply mix garlic with your chosen conditioner until it's a paste. Apply the combination to your head and scalp and cover with a plastic cap. Leave set for an hour before to take care of greasy hair